We believe jewellery is a more than an accessory, it is a form of self-expression. We collaborate with you to create meaningful and one of a kind jewellery pieces that reflect your own story. We specialize in creating customized jewellery and redesign of old or inheritance jewellery. You will enjoy the entire jewellery creation experience with us.


We believe there is a story behind every piece of jewellery. We once helped a customer create a set of jewellery containing the names of their three children for his wife; we also helped a lady design a pair of customized cufflinks for her husband. What is your story?


During the first meeting, our jewellery designer will communicate with you and listen to your story. Based on your preferences and requirements, we will then work together to establish the design concept and material of choice.


Two weeks after the first meeting, you will receive various design versions sketched on paper. You may select one version, and we will provide unlimited changes until the final design is approved.

Final Approval

Depending on the nature of the design, we then provide 3D drawing illustration with a scale of 1:1 or wax model for you to review. We will also share detailed information on the materials and an estimated price quotation for your final confirmation.

Final Product

Upon your confirmation, we will begin production stage. After 6-8 weeks, you will receive your customized jewellery. You will also receive the design drafts and wax model as souvenirs.

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